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SN-1800V Infusion Pump

SN-1800VR with Wireless Communication

  • Improving the battery charge& discharge process:
    battery can get full charge within 4 hours in the turn-off status and support more than 6 hours at rate of 5ml/h. Battery is chargeable through vehicle power

  • More choice for IV set, support 10、15、18、20、60drips/ml

  • Add Multi-Language

  • Rate adjustable during infusion without stop/pause

  • Stand by function, less disturb

  • Back light adjustable

  • Drug library Optional




Flow rate

1~1500 mL/h (0.1 mL/h step, if the value is 100 mL/h or above,

the step is 1mL/h )

Bolus rate

5~1000ml/h(it can be adjustable)

Occlusion accuracy

10 levels with highest (H)900±200mmHg (120±26.7kpa) and lowest (L)100±50mmHg(13.3±6.6kpa).

KVO rate

0.5~5ml/h(it can be adjustable)when the infusion rate is less than the current KVO rate, automatically maintaining current rate as KVO rate

Accuracy of infusion


Bubble detector

Ultrasonic detection method, detection sensitivity: 25ul

Infusion history records

1500 pcs

Preset volume


Infusion history records

1500 pcs

Display range of totally
delivered volume

0~9999ml(0.1mL step,if the value is above 100mL,the step is 1mL)


Time over, Non-calibration of infusion tube, Occlusion, Bubble , Door Open, Finish, KVO complete, Drip sensor abnormal, No AC power or power cable disconnected, Battery low, Battery exhausted,

Speed over limit, System error


AC 100~240 V, 50/60Hz
Inner battery: DC 12V, 2300mAH
In fully charged status,

the device can working for more than 8 hours at the rate of 25ml/h

(containing the time of battery low, larger battery volume is optional)
Outside DC power supply : DC 12V.

Operation conditions

Ambient temperature: +5°C~ +40°C, Relative humidity: 20% ~ 90%, Ambient pressure: 86KPa~106Kpa

Storage conditions

Ambient temperature: -20°C ~ +55°C Relative humidity: ≤95%

Electric shock
protection class

Class I and type CF, internal power supply, continuous operation

IEC IP Level


Communication (Option)

(1)Cable-Serial RS232 (2)Wireless communication

Infusion mode setting

Flow rate mode, drip mode (detector required),

weight mode, time mode, Infusion Plan

Infusion rate

mode: drip/min, mL/h


1.8KG(with clamp base)



Scope of application

With the pressure generated by the infusion pump to control the injected flow rate and delivery volume of liquid (medicine, nutrition ) to the patient

Infusion apparatus

Can save 12 brands of Infusion apparatus,the infusion accuracy can reach ±5% after calibration


This product is not available for blood transfusion.


  • DUAL-CPU monitoring function

  • Infusion set calibration

  • Detection of dripping number

  • "Purge" button activate safe protection

  • External DC power interface

  • Standard RS232 interface

  • Five infusion mode setting: supports Speed/Drip/Body-weight/Time/Pre-planning infusion modes

  • Infusion indicating can close or open

  • Night inner lighting function

  • Body-weight mode conversion

  • Fast rate control

  • Water proof level

  • Abundant optic and sound alarm

  • Key tone can be set to mute

  • Smart pulsation compensation function

  • Infusion mode set

  • Pressure dynamic display

  • Clamp lock,Easy installation

  • Setting the system time

  • Wireless communication function

  • 10-level occlusion alarm limits setting

  • Ultrasonic bubble detection

  • Calling nurse interface

  • 1500 history records

  • Drip sensor can be pluggable, optionable

  • 12V DC power supply

  •  KVO flow rate